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17. to 18. Oct 2023

Hydrogen 2023


Hydrogen 2023

– Idealism or Realism?


At the Hydrogen Conference experts, researchers, industry professionals, policymakers and regulators meet to discuss various aspects of the developing hydrogen economy.

Hydrogen technology holds significant promise as a clean and versatile energy carrier, but it also faces several challenges that will need to be addressed for widespread adoption and successful integration into various sectors.

Challenges include:

  • Production methods and costs

  • Energy efficiency

  • Infrastructure development

  • Storage and transport

  • Safety concerns

  • Scaling up renewables

  • Economic viability

  • Policy and regulatory frameworks

Are the regulators supporting or delaying us? How can funding scheme such as Enova and Innovation Norway support? How do investors think when they decide where to invest? What is the cost for Norway to give Europe clean energy? These are among the questions that will be discussed during the conference.

With new research and innovation, and industry wide cooperation, it will be possible to overcome the challenges and paving way for a cleaner and more sustainable energy future which includes hydrogen as energy carrier.


Save the date!

This year’s Hydrogen Conference takes place Tuesday 17 & Wednesday 18 October at Hotel Scandic Fornebu, Oslo.

Most Welcome!

On behalf of the Program Committee and NPF,

Brita Holstad, Transitus Energy
Chair of Program Committee



Tuesday 17. October





Brita Holstad, Transitus Energy and Chair of Program Committee

Blue, green or grey hydrogen. Competition or cooperation?

Ulrik Olbjørn , Equinor
Hans Jörg Fell, Aker Solutions

Regulators, supporting or delaying?

Marianne Nærø, Norwegian Hydrogen

IRA - How does it impact the European industrial future?

Jonas Erraia, Menon

How to prioritize fast access to electrical energy?

Halvor Lie, Statnett

How to accelerate funding for hydrogen value chain?

Arve Solheim, Enova

Which role can Innovation Norway take to support the emission targets?

Ivar-Jo Baunbæk Theien, Innovasjon Norge



How has Nel benefitted from funding schemes?

Torstein Herbert, Nel

How has Hystar benefitted from funding schemes?

Magnus Thomassen, Hystar

Panel debate

Enova, IN, NEL and Hystar



Technology development

Hans Hide, Nel
Birgitte Nordvik , Nel

How to measure Hydrogen volumes?

Klaus Mosbacher, H2 Control

Why liquid Hydrogen?

Ivan Østvik, Norled



Production of turquoise Hydrogen from Natural gas without CCS or CO2 emission

Arne Godal, Xgas

Norwegian gas, for how long?

Erik Nilsen Rundell, NPD

Hydrogen consumes energy, why not use electricity?

Erkki Härö, Sweco

Hydrogen pipelines to Europe

Svein Erik Losnegård, Gassco



Conference dinner

Dinner speech by author/industrial senior advisor at Sweco Elisabeth Gammelsæter: “Not In My Neighbourhood: is it possible to successfully introduce and establish challenging industrial initiatives in Norway in 2023? Dilemmas and challenges"

Wednesday 18. October



The Market - How to make money?


How to build the hydrogen industry and supply chain?

Ottar Kristiansen, Aibel

Who is in charge of developing the hydrogen marked?

Julian Hencher

When will we have a working hydrogen marked?

Steffen Møller Holst, SINTEF

Why invest in Hydrogen?

Bjørn Simonsen



Nuclear Power, part of the solution?

Håvard Kristiansen, Norsk Kjernekraft

Aker Horizons' experiences from the Hydrogen space

Knut Nyborg, Aker Horizon

Panel debate: Why does Hydrogen production in Norway make sense?

Elias Braunfels og Finn Gjerull Rygh - Oslo Economics
Marita Bjelland Botne, Fagsjef juridisk - Offshore Norge
Steffen Møller Holst - SINTEF
Magnus Killingland - DNV

End of Conference

Odd-Arne Lorentsen, Gen2Energy
Bjørn Bjerke, PWS


Practical information


Norwegian Petroleum Society (NPF)


Program Committee

  • Brita Holstad, Transitus Energy (Chair of Program Committee)
  • Odd-Arne Lorentsen, Gen2Energy
  • Arnstein Norheim, ZEG
  • Ulrik Olbjørn, Equinor
  • Ottar Kristiansen, Aibel AS
  • Vivek Bakke Lie, Sweco
  • Bjørn Bjerke, PWS
  • Hans Jörg Fell, AkerSolution


Conference language




Scandic Fornebu, Martin Linges vei 2, 1364 Fornebu. (outside Oslo). Tel: +47 21 05 70 00


Conference fee

  • NOK 6,400 + 25% VAT for NPF personal members
  • NOK 7,900 + 25% VAT for others

The conference fee includes:

  • Coffee/tea
  • Lunch
  • Access to approved presentations after end of conference.


Conference dinner

Dinner is not included in the conference fee and must be chosen separately when registering.

  • NOK 980 + 25% VAT


Special Offer! Bring a colleague under 30 years of age for half price!

Participant no 2. under the age of 30 years from the same employer receives a 50% discount.



Scandic Fornebu, Martin Linges vei 2, 1364 Fornebu. Price per night (incl.breakfast): 1,790 NOK incl. VAT. Hotel is not included in the conference fee and must be paid when checking out.


Membership of the Norwegian Petroleum Society (NPF)

We offer conference participants to purchase membership of NPF together with registration and payment of the conference. 1 year membership for conference participants is NOK 1,000. Reduced membership fees apply for young professionals under the age of 34, students and seniors.



Payment can be done upon registration by credit card (Master Card/Visa/AmEx) or by invoice. If the invoice needs to be changed due to wrong or missing information there will added a fee of NOK 150 to the total amount. All international payments must be approved before the conference starts.



Cancellations must be received in writing by 3rd October 2023, and will be subject to a cancellation fee NOK 2.000 unless a substitute delegate is offered. After this date, the full registration fee will apply, however, substitutions will still be accepted. Substitutions for registered delegates may be made at any time, but we would appreciate prior notification.

In case of cancellation of the conference by the Norwegian Petroleum Society, (NPF), the participant will be refunded the conference fee and/or the exhibition fee. Other expenses the participants may have are not refunded, and is not the responsibility of NPF.


Force majeure

Events beyond the control of the NPF – for example, but not limited to, extreme weather conditions, acts of war, terrorism, transportation shut-down (strikes or accidents), government regulation or advisory including travel warnings, serious illness or epidemics that makes it impossible to fulfill the obligations of conducting the conference entitle NPF to cancel the event without liability.


Conference paper

Presentations from the conference will be available after end of conference. Delegates will be informed when available via e-mail.


Program changes

It is sometimes necessary to change timing of the program. The conference organiser will not be liable for any such unavoidable changes.


Project Manager NPF

For further information please do not hesitate to contact:

Hanne Hernes
Project Manager, Norwegian Petroleum Society
+47 404 52 327,