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29. to 30. May 2018

Petroleum Systems Conference


The Norwegian Petroleum Society is organising a two day Petroleum Systems Conference (PSC) in Stavanger on May 29-30, 2018. This PSC will be the first arranged by NPF, aiming at establishing a biennial conference that will be popular and recognized throughout the petroleum industry.

Knowledge sharing and learning from both success and failure cases are key to increasing process understanding and exploration effectiveness, essential requirements for finding, developing and producing oil and gas resources. The oil and energy sector is in urgent need of new discoveries and one of the key criteria to success is a thorough understanding of the petroleum system. This year’s PSC will present a variety of multidisciplinary petroleum system case studies and examples including integration of geochemical, geological and geophysical workflows, and will be highly relevant to both petroleum system analysts and exploration geoscientists. The broad span of topics to be presented includes, but is not limited to:

  • Petroleum Systems Analysis for play and prospect evaluations, including Source Rock and Migration case studies
    • A key note paper on the NPD shallow cores taken recently in the Northern Barents Sea will be given by Jorge Sánchez-Borque, NPD
  • Geophysical methods and new technologies for imaging and improved understanding of Petroleum System components
    • A key note paper on the use of seismic data in source rock recognition will be given by Jan Ove Hansen, Statoil
  • Reservoir geo-dynamics; e.g. filling history, mixed charge identification, reservoir processes
    •  A key note paper on in-reservoir processes will be given by Paul Farrimond, IGI

On behalf of the Program Committee, I would like to welcome you to the 2018 PSC and hope to see you in Stavanger in May.

Elin Rein, Statoil
Leader of the Program Committee


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Tuesday 29. May




Welcome and introduction

Petroleum Systems

Chair: Elin Rein, Equinor

Key Note: Shallow cores in the Northern Barents Sea: an introduction to geochemical results

Jorge Sánchez-Borque, NPD

Basin and petroleum systems modelling in the northern Norwegian Barents Sea

Dr. Rüdiger Lutz, Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR)

Combining play fairway mapping and petroleum system modelling in the Barents Sea

Balazs Badics, DEA Norge AS



Could uplift and erosion result in source rocks expelling huge quantities of isotopically heavy gas? Circumstantial evidence from wells on Svalbard

Sverre E. Ohm, UiS

One source, two kitchens: the petroleum system of the Alta and Neiden discoveries, SW Barents Sea

Jon Halvard Pedersen, Lundin Norway

Role of Faults in Hydrocarbon Leakage in the Hammerfest Basin, SW Barents Sea

Dr. Ilya Ostanin, Shell 


Geophysical methods and new technologies

Chair: Jon Erik Skeie, AkerBP

Key Note: Source rock identification from seismic data and integration in basin modelling

Jan Ove Hansen, Equinor

Radiogenic heat production in the crust from inversion of gravity and magnetic data.

Dr. Zuzana Alasonati Tašárová, Equinor

Tectonophysical   forcing of hydrocarbon wandering

Ebbe Hvidegård Hartz, AkerBP



Structures, pressure and temperature under large scale overthrusts - how obduction of the Oman Ophiolite influenced maturity and migration

Arne Grobe, Equinor

Multi-proxy palaeo water-depth estimation 

Dr. Gerben de Jager, SINTEF Industry

Petroleum systems modelling constrained by methane seafloor seeps - the Vestnesa Ridge case

Matthias Ch. Daszinnies, Migris

Student poster session



Wednesday 30. May

Reservoir geodynamics and Petroleum Systems

Chair: Rolando di Primio, Lundin Norway and Balazs Badics, DEA Norge AS

Key Note: Forensic oil geochemistry: Reconstructing the processes controlling the composition of reservoired oil

Paul Farrimond, Integrated Geochemical Interpretation (IGI)

Assessing the Mobility of Polar Compounds in Different Marine Shale Systems

Dr. Stefanie Pötz, GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences

Southern North Sea / Feda Graben - a 3D petroleum system model calibrated with shows data

Kristian Angard, Migris



Biomarkers as an aid to recognizing palaeomigration routes on the Utsira High

Steve Killops, APT

The Cretaceous Petroleum System of the Norwegian Sea

Axel Wenke, Equinor

Shows characterisation and petroleum system mapping using advanced mud gas evaluation

Trym Rognmo, GeoProvider


Petroleum Systems II

Chair: Sverre E. Ohm, UiS

Barbados petroleum and an poorly-understood petroleum system at the leading edge of the Caribbean plate. 

Andres Felipe Cedeno, UiS

Petroleum System of the northern Caribbean

Guro Skarstein, UiS

How data analytics and structural analysis can aid petroleum systems analysis – a case study from the Paleogene Basin, Hungary

Dr. Carolyn Lampe, Ucon Geoconsulting



Creating a Quality Controlled Source Rock and Petroleum Geochemistry Data Base for Norway – UK Cross Border Petroleum Systems Analysis

Olaf Thießen, Equinor

Generation vs Expulsion driven modifications in petroleum composition in the context of source rock lithology and organic matter type

Dr. Martin Stockhausen, Institute of Geosciences

Key trends and observations in the hydrocarbon budget of the Norwegain North Sea

Dr. Kristian B. Brandsegg, Exploro AS

Closing remarks and awards

Elin Rein, Equinor

Dr. Carolyn Lampe

Ucon Geoconsulting

Dr. Carolyn Lampe has over twenty years of professional experience in geology, including government, academic, and industry organizations. She has a strong background in sedimentology, fluid flow through porous media, numerical simulation, basin modeling and petroleum systems analysis with extensive experience in organic geochemistry, coal petrology and structural geology. She worked at BEB (German branch of Royal Dutch Shell and Exxon Mobil) analyzing cores and preparing reservoir-facies maps before receiving a Ph.D. in Geology (numerical simulation) from the University of Cologne in cooperation with the University of Minnesota. Carolyn spent seven years as chief geologist at Integrated Exploration Systems GmbH (IES, now Schlumberger PetroMod Group) where she was involved in worldwide project work and training of industry clients, agents and consultants for 2D and 3D petroleum systems modeling, as well as the conceptual development and design of the PetroMod software suite. Carolyn is a technical expert for the support of oil and gas exploration and development projects with nationally and internationally operating E&P companies in the areas of petroleum systems analysis and migration modeling, including fault migration, salt modeling, structural migration modeling, pressure calibration and prediction, charge risk, and resource assessment. She has been supporting and representing clients in data rooms, partner meetings, and joint ventures, discussing and evaluating leads and prospects with the clients as well as third parties. Carolyn is a Consulting Professor at Stanford University, where she is an inaugural founder and principal advisor for the “Basin and Petroleum System Modeling Industrial Affiliates Program” (BPSM), teaching and supervising graduate students in the latest geochemical, visualization, and quantitative numerical modeling technologies. Since 2007, Carolyn has been the managing director of ucon Geoconsulting, an independent consulting company, providing expert consulting and full support for all aspects of quantitative numerical petroleum systems analysis for E&P companies worldwide.

Practical information


Norwegian Petroleum Directorate,
Professor Olav Hanssens vei 10, NO-4021 Stavanger, Norway

Conference fee:

NPF personal members NOK 4,600 plus 25% VAT
Non-NPF-members NOK 6,100 plus 25 % VAT

Payment can be done upon registration by credit card (Master Card/Visa). If you do not want to pay with credit card, you can ask the project manager to send you an invoice from Norwegian Petroleum Society (NPF). Please note that by choosing invoice you will be submitted to a fee of NOK 100. All international payments must be approved before the conference starts.

The conference fee includes:

  • Conference papers
  • Coffee/tea
  • Lunches


Cancellations must be received in writing by 15th May 2018, and will be subject to a cancellation fee NOK 2.000 unless a substitute delegate is offered. After this date, the full registration fee will apply, however, substitutions will still be accepted. Substitutions for registered delegates may be made at any time, but we would appreciate prior notification.

In case of cancellation of the conference by the Norwegian Petroleum Society, (NPF), the participant will be refunded the conference fee and/or the exhibition fee. Other expenses the participants may have are not refunded, and is not the responsibility of NPF.


We recommend staying at Ydalir Hotel, just a few minutes’ walk from the conference venue.

For negotiated price book your stay at with booking code NPF0418.

Double room: NOK 990,- incl. breakfast

Superior Double room: NOK 1 090,- incl. breakfast

Apartment: NOK 1 290,- incl. breakfast


Ydalir Hotel

Telegrafdirektør Heftyes vei 99

4021 Stavanger

Conference dinner:

The conference dinner will be held at the Ydalir Hotel.

Dinner is not included in the conference fee. Three-course dinner including two glasses of wine must be pre-paid individually by all participants. Price NOK 799,-.

University students:

Students, senior year/Master/PhD can apply for free admission to the conference. To be applicable you must be a student at a Norwegian university og university college. The free admission includes conference and conference dinner.

Applications can be sent to Tonje Raknes, – Deadline 15th of May. 2018

Programme changes:

It is sometimes necessary to change timing of the programme. The conference organiser will not be liable for any such unavoidable changes.


For further information please contact:
Norwegian Petroleum Society
Tonje Raknes
Project Manager
tel. +47 983 06 117