Exploration Revived Award
Winner 2023: Vår Energi

The award committee has selected Vår Energi as the winner of this year's prestigious award.

Photo: Exploration Revived Award 2023 was given to Vår Energi. Alessandro Barberis, VP Exploration, together with a group of Vår Energi employees, accepted the award on behalf of Vår Energi.


The committee’s conclusion is the following:

In the heart of exploration lies the stamina to stick to the long-term strategy for exploration and testing new ideas. The Barents Sea exploration team in Vår Energi convinced management to drill a new play, which was long 25 years in the making, and the gas discovery turned out to be the biggest discovery in 2022. The Lupa well was also a play opener.

The Exploration Revived Award 2023 goes to a company that has explored continuously over the past years across different regions through participating in 15 wells. With technical discoveries in 11 of these Vår Energi has the highest technical discovery rate for the last two years. It currently stands at 67%. 

The NPF Exploration Revived Award committee wish to acknowledge the efforts and results within exploration, as well as the stamina that Vår Energi has demonstrated by continuing exploration in the Barents Sea, while most others lost interest.

The committee also want to acknowledge the recent strong signals from the company wanting to find good long-term solutions for gas infrastructure in the Barents Sea. The role of Norway as a reliable and responsible gas producer has never been more evident and important than now.


Award Committee 2023:
Anders Wittemann, Wittemann E&P Consulting
Hilde Braut, Norwegian Petroleum Directorate
Tim Dodson, Dodson Consulting
Sidsel Lindsø, ExploCrowd
Ingrid Sølvberg, Vår Energi



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