Guidelines for disease prevention

We are highly concerned about our participants safety during our conferences. In close collaboration with the hotel, we make sure that the authority's guidelines for disease prevention is being followed at the same time as we facilitate professionally good meeting places.

Social distancing – minimum 1 meter

Conference halls and meeting rooms are spacious enough for the distance requirements to be easily met throughout the event.

Areas around registration desks, coffee / water stations and other places where congestion may occur will have markings on the floor or barriers to ensure distance and easy line-up.

Cleaning and disinfection

The hotels we use have regular and frequent cleaning / disinfection of all contact surfaces.

Alcohol-based sanitizers can be found near the entrance, in public areas, in dining areas and in the conference hall. Some venues also offer facemasks and gloves to conferees.

Food safety

The hotels will offer individually wrapped food for breakfast, as well as table service for other meals. Some hotels have opened the breakfast buffet, but these too follow the authorities’ guidelines for reducing the spread of disease. Staff are trained to follow strict safety procedures when serving food and drinks.

Follow-up of participants

Prior to start-up, participants are informed of current disease prevention measures. You cannot attend the event if you are in quarantine due to travel from countries marked “red” by the health authorities or if you have symptoms of illness.

Please limit the use of public transport to and from the event where possible.

As organizer we will always have knowledge and control of who is present at the event in order to assist the municipal health authority in their job to trace and detect possible spread of disease.

If a participant develops symptoms of illness during the event, we will assist the hotel with isolation and follow-up of the participant until safe transport is carried out. We will also ensure that cleaning and disinfection is conducted in contaminated areas.

Information and assistance

Information about current disease prevention measures will be given orally at the hotel, as well as written on posters and other markings.

We will always be staffed sufficiently to be able to take care of recommended disease prevention measures and assist our participants when needed.

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