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03. to 04. Dec 2019

Reservoir Characterization 2019


Welcome to NPF 2019 Biennial Reservoir Characterization Conference


The NCS together with the rest of the NW European Shelf is aging and maturing. New discoveries and developments range from the rare and rather simple but still challenging giant (e.g. Johan Sverdrup) to large but compartmentalized (e.g. Johan Castberg) to the more common marginal and complex (e.g. Wisting, Brasse). The old giants, with their wealth of data, are now moving into a new phase; some are settling for decommissioning others are being resurrected and heading for an extended tail-end production period before retirement is due. Detailed subsurface knowledge, acquired over years of production, coupled with new and advanced EOR/IOR and targeted near-field exploration activities has revitalized several of these old and familiar giants (e.g. Balder, Ula, Snorre, Draugen).

Increased subsurface insight, derived from better seismic and well data and a growing analog and numerical database, coupled with improved reservoir characterization workflows and static modelling techniques has been instrumental in fueling this new development on the NCS. Geological concepts, often presented as scenarios rather then single models, and how these are translated into and replicated as geo-models has gained increased attraction as basis for value-based decisions on new developments, redevelopments of old fields, new drainage strategies, infill drilling targets and EOR/IOR activities. More than ever before have integration and multidisciplinary approaches proved fundamental in meeting the stretched targets and promised deliveries.

This conference aims to present conceptual studies and show cases where multidisciplinary and integrated approaches to reservoir characterization has enhanced our knowledge and created new insight of the subsurface, which coupled with advanced or improved modelling techniques in turn have stimulated new approaches to field developments and re-developments.

The conference will run over two days, split into four sessions

  • Improved subsurface insight; new geological concepts, new data, new technologies
  • Old fields revamped
  • New discoveries, new developments and new fields
  • New modelling techniques and approaches


The conference committee is pleased to present this year’s core viewings:

Wisting field core viewing (OMV)

Cores from the Wisting field. Will be presented by Eirik Stueland.

Brasse discovery core viewing (DNO)

Cores from the Brasse discovery (31/7-1 and possibly 31/7-2S). Will be presented by Donatella Mellere.

Ula field core viewing (Aker BP)

Cores from the Ula field. New concept and new model. Will be presented by Eirik Rosseland Knutsen.

Solveig/Luno 2 field core viewing (Lundin)

Cores from the Solveig field. Will be presented by Ronald Sørlie.


We look forward to welcoming you to Stavanger in December!


Call for abstracts:

The conference aims to delivery a good blend of selected presentations from invited speakers and submitted presentations from the industry and academia. We especially welcome case studies where the impact of the digital subsurface and artificial intelligence has proven instrumental in delivering results and new insight.

Call for abstract deadline has now ended. We thank everyone that submitted abstracts. We will shortly review all submissions and get back with a response.


Special Offer for Young Professionals:

Bring a colleague under 30 for half price! Participant no. 2 or more under the age of 30 from the same employer receives a 50% discount on the conference fee. Contact the project manager for registration.


Early-bird offer: 

Register before 7th of October to take advantage of the early-bird.


Tuesday 03. December


Registration and coffee



Eirik Rosseland Knutsen, Leader of Program Committee

Improved subsurface insight; new geological concepts, new data and new technologies

Chairs: Eirik Rosseland Knutsen, Aker BP & Hilde Braut, NPD

Keynote: Improved Subsurface Insight

Tove Francke, Norwegian Petroleum Directorate

TopSeis, a next-generation marine towed-streamer acquisition solution. Experiences from development of the Solveig Field, Southern Utsira High, Norwegian North Sea

Morten Bjerke, Ophelie Durand , Kjersti Grue og Knut Richard Straith, Per Eivind Dhelie,Lundin

Networking break


Keynote: Unlocking the future potential of the Balder Field 

Bérengère Savary-Sismondini, Virginie Patacz, Arnt Jenssen and Paul Spencer, Vår Energi

The Alvheim Field: infill drilling in a thin oil rim reservoir - a baffling result

Stig Sviland-Østre, Aker BP


Core viewing starts at 12:00-12:25 and 12:30-12:55 (Solveig/Brasse)

Old fields revamped

Chairs: Paul Spencer, Vår Energi & Andres Hatløy, ConocoPhillips

Keynote: Old Fields Revamped

Petter Sørhaug, Aker BP

The Alke Formation reservoir quality mystery - will it become a high production unit or will it fail?

Annika T.U. Heggheim, Sturle Omdahl, Christian E. Halvorsen, Nils E. Aase, Kati Tänavsuu-Milkeviciene, Daniel B. Sollien, Equinor

4D seismic: An essential tool for the redevelopment of the Balder area

Alexandre Bertrand, Vår Energi

Networking break


Stratigraphic complexity in 'simple' turbidite reservoirs, Ormen Lange

Kristian Kollsgaard, Norske Shell

Draugen 2040 – Building a new foundation

Harmonie Wiesenberg, OKEA

Student poster presentations outside Conference Hall


Aperitif & Conference Dinner

Wednesday 04. December

New discoveries, new developments and new fields

Chairs: Rodmar Ravnås, Aker BP & Kevin Joseph Keogh, Equinor

Keynote: New Discoveries, & Learings from Developments - Importance of getting it right the first time

Kevin Keogh, Equinor

Nova Subsurface Development

Tore Herrevold, Wintershall Dea

Tectonic concepts in exploration; SW Utsira High

Alvar Bråten, University of Oslo, Ronald Sørlie, Lundin, Steve Thomas, Lundin, Knut R. Straith, Lundin, Morten Bjerke, Lundin, Christopher Serck, Universitety of Oslo

Networking break


Johan Castberg: A robust geologic model from exploration to development

Joseph James Lalicata, Equinor

The Middle Jurassic Hugin Formation in Block 15/3 of the South Viking Graben Norway

Dirk Knaust, Marcus Apel, Silvan Hoth, Equinor, Paul Baville, Universite de Lorraine

Wisting Development in the Barents Sea: Fruholmen Fm: enhanced reservoir understanding from new data collection - well 7324/8-3 and P-cable seismic

Eirik Stueland, OMV


Core viewing starts at 12:20-12:45 and 1250-1315 (Wisting/Ula)

New static modelling techniques and approaches

Chairs: Ronald Sørlie, Lundin & Hilde Braut, NPD

Keynote: Modelling Techniques

Petter Abrahamsen, Norwegian Computing Center

Challenges in ensemble modeling - calibrating the transition from history to prediction for an ensemble of simulation models

Bjørn Egil Ludvigsen, Aker BP

Consistent integration of static and dynamic data in an assisted history matching workflow using ResX on Edvard Grieg

Kristian Eide-Engdahl, Lundin

Networking break


Benefits of Forward Stratigraphic Modeling for Reservoir Characterization

Samer Bou Daher, Beicip-Franlab

Reconstructing the fluvial conceptual model on Gullfaks Sør with a new object-based facies modelling algorithm

Ragnar Hauge, Norwegian Computing Center

Wrap Up & Best Paper Announcement

Hilde Braut, Norwegian Petroleum Directorate

Practical information

Members of Conference Committee:

  • Rodmar Ravnås, AkerBP
  • Eirik Rosseland Knutsen, AkerBP
  • Ronald Sørlie, Lundin
  • Paul Spencer, Vår Energi
  • Kevin Keogh, Equinor
  • Andres Hatløy, ConocoPhillips
  • Hilde Braut, Norwegian Petroleum Directorate


Scandic Stavanger Airport
Flyplassvegen 226, 4055 Sola

Conference fee:

NPF personal members NOK 8,400 plus 25% vat
Non-NPF members  NOK 10,400 plus 25 % vat


Payment can be done upon registration by credit card (Master Card/Visa/AmEx) or by invoice. If the invoice needs to be changed due to wrong or missing information there will added a fee of NOK 150 to the total amount. All international payments must be approved before the conference starts.

The fee includes:
– Conference papers
– Coffee/tea
– Lunches
– Conference Dinner


Cancellations must be received in writing by 19 November 2019, and will be subject to a cancellation fee NOK 2,000 unless a substitute delegate is offered. After this date, the full registration fee will apply, however, substitutions will still be accepted. Substitutions for registered delegates may be made at any time, but we would appreciate prior notification.

Conference paper:

Presentations from the conference will be available on Internet after end of conference. Delegates will be informed when available by e-mail.

Programme changes:

It is sometimes necessary to change timing of the programme. The conference organiser will not be liable for any such unavoidable changes.

Membership of the Norwegian Petroleum Society (NPF)

We offer conference participants to purchase membership of NPF together with registration and payment for the conference:

  • 1 year membership for conference participants – with affiliation to NPF Oslo / Polyteknisk Forening (PF Olje) (NOK 1,600)
  • 1 year membership for conference participants – other local charters (NOK 1,000)


We have reserved a number of rooms at the Scandic Stavanger Airport, Stavanger Airport. NOK 1,490 per night. Hotel is not included in the conference fee and must be paid upon check-out.

For further information please contact:

Norwegian Petroleum Society
Project Manager Tonje Raknes
tel. +47 983 06 118