The winner of the Young Energy Award 2019

We are happy to announce yesterday’s winner of the Young Energy Award

– Sara Elvelund Sandvik from Lundin Norway! 👏🥇🎉


Sara has put the industry on the map and been a clear and inspiring spokesperson for the industry. She is a great role model and ambassador for all young people working within Oil & Gas. She has shown great commitment and has plenty of proven accomplishments.

When selecting the winner, the committee also emphasized qualifications as good communication skills and to find someone whom we believe have something to say to the assembly of high-level politicians and leaders of the industry as the winner is invited to give a 10 minutes speech at the Olje Industri Politisk Seminar in Sandefjord in January.

Sara has been several times in the media recently as a strong and very important voice that have given the society a different view on people working in the industry which is often wrongly presented in the media. She has also shown that people working in this industry should not be ashamed, and that they also do care about the environment.

NPF wants with this award to promote and celebrate young talented people who are representing our largest and most important industry. Kristin Øinæs (to the right), Project Manager for the Norwegian Petroleum Society, presented together with the awards committee the NPF’s first ever Young Energy Award.


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