Successful live stream from Risk Management Summit 2020

The 5th NPF Risk Management Summit had to be different than usual, due to the ongoing pandemic. But we adapted to the circumstances by arranging a webinar instead. Adapting to changing circumstances is after all a key to successful risk management.

However, in a cyclical business there are some things that never change. Our goal was as always to arrange the best possible risk management conference, with the purpose of sharing knowledge and experience. Dialogue is essential for such a conference. Hence, we had a chairman live in studio each day, Richard Heyerdahl from Proactima on Tuesday, and Leif Gunnar Hestholm on Thursday. They did an excellent job of guiding us through the program and chairing the Q&A sessions.

Webinar delegates were active participants through the whole conference, sending questions through the Menti website. It was inspiring to see participants being active through the whole webinar. For instance, the final presenter, Sissel Haugdal Jore’s talk on Security Risk Management as part of a holistic approach, received the highest number of questions.

When the coronavirus hit, we had to make some changes to the conference to reflect a new reality. But we found that the program was still relevant, possibly even more than before. Each year the program is quite different from the last year. A main theme this year was to find a bridge between those who want to shut down the industry in 2030 and those who see a way forward.

We know that business as usual is not an option for the coming 100 years, so how do we proceed? Bente Nyland of the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate gave the opening talk, on this topic. She was clear, there are large uncertainties now, a shifting landscape and severe consequences. Maria Gjølberg of the Governance Group followed up regarding climate risk and expectations from the financial market.

Additional topics this year included:

  • 4 interesting new methods for risk illustration
  • Methods are nothing without a safety culture. We looked at our own and other industries regarding a safety culture that includes both compliance and a mindset of asking whether the procedures are.
  • Infection prevention risk assessment in Norway in 2020
  • New ideas for risk management, with special focus on Operational Excellence and Hazard Identification.

Even though we really missed seeing you all in person, and all the great conversations we have in the breaks between the talks, we had an excellent conference.

You’re always welcome to give proposals to the next year’s program, as well as propose people to join the committee. Each year we have some new people in the committee, and this really pays off to get new perspectives and fresh ideas.

Finally, a special thanks is extended to presenters, NPF and Conventor, who had to adapt and make large changes due to the corona virus crisis. They managed it perfectly.

Summarized, we hope the conference planted seeds for some new ideas on risk management. We look forward to seeing you all in person next year!

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