Stay tuned for program updates! Reservoir Characterization

Stay tuned for program updates this week!


These are just some of the presentations you will see at this year’s conference:

Keynote – Improved Subsurface Insight
Ingrid Sølvberg, Norwegian Petroleum Directorate

Keynote – Unlocking the future potential of the Balder Field
Berengere Sismondini, Vår Energi

Keynote – Old Fields Revamped
Petter Sørhaug, AkerBP

TopSeis, a next-generation marine towed-streamer acquisition solution. Experiences from development of the Solveig Field, Southern Utsira High, Norwegian North Sea
Morten Bjerke, Kjersti Grue & Knut Richard Straith, Lundin

Strat complexity in ‘simple’ turb reservoirs, Ormen Lange
Kristian Kollsgaard, Shell

The Middle Jurassic Hugin Formation in Block 15/3 of the South Viking graben Norway
Dirk Knaust, Equinor

Draugen 2040 – Building a new foundation
Håvard Klokk Morset, Okea

Tectonic concepts in exploration; SW Utsira High
Alvar Bråten, University of Oslo

Wisting Development in the Barents Sea: Fruholmen Fm: enhanced reservoir understanding from new data collection – well 7324/8-3 and P-cable seismic
Eirik Stueland, OMV

Keynote Modelling Techniques
Peter Abrahamsen, Norwegian Computing Center

Reconstructing the fluvial conceptual model on Gullfaks Sør with a new object-based facies modelling algorithm
Ragnar Hauge, Equinor

Challenges in ensemble modeling – calibrating the transition from history to prediction for an ensemble of simulation models
Bjørn Egil Ludvigsen, Aker BP

Benefits of Forward Stratigraphic Modeling for Reservoir Characterization
Marie Callies, Beicip-Freanlab

Consistent integration of static and dynamic data in an assisted history matching workflow using ResX on Edvard Grieg
Kristian Eide-Engdahl, Lundin

The Alke Formation reservoir quality mystery – will it become a high production unit or will it fail?
Annika T.U. Heggheim, Equinor


These are just some the presentations on the agenda and more to come.

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