Don't miss the highly topical Presentations and Core viewings at Reservoir Characterization

The mature fields on the NCS are moving towards tail production and many new discoveries are complex and often marginal.

This year’s conference aims to present multidisciplinary case studies and examples of novel and efficient ways of working on reservoir characterization tasks. Core analysis remain a key part of the work flow for understanding the subsurface environment and calibrating reservoir models.

The conference committee is pleased to present this year’s core viewings:

Wisting field core viewing (OMV)

Cores from the Wisting field. Will be presented by Eirik Stueland.

Brasse discovery core viewing (DNO)

Cores from the Brasse discovery (31/7-1 and possibly 31/7-2S). Will be presented by Donatella Mellere.

Ula field core viewing (Aker BP)

Cores from the Ula field. New concept and new model. Will be presented by Eirik Rosseland Knutsen.

Solveig/Luno 2 field core viewing (Lundin)

Cores from the Solveig field. Will be presented by Ronald Sørlie.


Some of the presentations you will see at this years conference:

Keynote – Improved Subsurface Insight
Ingrid Sølvberg, Norwegian Petroleum Directorate

Keynote: New Discoveries, & Learings from Developments – Importance of getting it right the first time
Kevin Keogh, Equinor

Keynote – Unlocking the future potential of the Balder Field
Berengere Sismondini, Vår Energi

Keynote – Old Fields Revamped
Petter Sørhaug, Aker BP

Keynote: Modelling Techniques
Petter Abrahamsen, Norwegian Computing Center

TopSeis, a next-generation marine towed-streamer acquisition solution. Experiences from development of the Solveig Field, Southern Utsira High, Norwegian North Sea
Morten Bjerke, Lundin

Strat complexity in ‘simple’ turb reservoirs, Ormen Lange
Kristian Kollsgaard, Shell

The Middle Jurassic Hugin Formation in Block 15/3 of the South Viking graben Norway
Dirk Knaust, Equinor

Draugen 2040 – Building a new foundation
Håvard Klokk Morset, Okea

Tectonic concepts in exploration; SW Utsira High
Alvar Bråten, University of Oslo

Wisting Development in the Barents Sea: Fruholmen Fm: enhanced reservoir understanding from new data collection – well 7324/8-3 and P-cable seismic
Eirik Stueland, OMV

Keynote Modelling Techniques
Peter Abrahamsen, Norwegian Computing Center

Challenges in ensemble modeling – calibrating the transition from history to prediction for an ensemble of simulation models
Bjørn Egil Ludvigsen, Aker BP

Benefits of Forward Stratigraphic Modeling for Reservoir Characterization
Samer Bou Daher, Beicip-Freanlab

Consistent integration of static and dynamic data in an assisted history matching workflow using ResX on Edvard Grieg
Kristian Eide-Engdahl, Lundin

The Alke Formation reservoir quality mystery – will it become a high production unit or will it fail?
Annika T.U. Heggheim & Sturle Omdal, Equinor


These are just some the presentations on the agenda. Please visit NPF website for more information.



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