Highlights at the Biennial Geophysical seminar

The traditional Biennial Geophysical seminar is right around the corner and is a not-to-be-missed opportunity to get up to speed on the latest technology and to network with old and new friends in the geo-community.

The chair, Vetle Vinje, is happy to present some of the highlights that you can expect at the seminar:  “We have managed to secure four high-class key note speakers who will frame the seminar, starting with Chief Geo in TGS, Adriana Citlali Ramirez, who will talk about the past and future of the seismic technology in Norwegian waters, and, at the end, Egil Tjaaland, Dean of NTNU, asking the provocative question “What is the future of the geo-community in Norway?” says Vinje.

The other two key notes will be given by Marit Stustad Guttormsen from Equinor and Tony Martin from PGS. Marit will share with us Equinor’s considerations for seismic investments focusing on the battle between conflicting interests, while Tony will give a keynote on Emerging technologies and Machine Learning.

Vinje also states that in addition we will be presented the results from the first ever exploration-size OBN in the North Sea, by Tom Rayment from DUG. “Will this be the seismic technology for the future?”

We’ll also have the opportunity to hear more about new acquisition and processing technology, and case studies from the Barents Sea, Valhall, Vigdis, Eldfisk, Evard Grieg and Gudrun – and we will explore some exiting examples of novel applications of Machine Learning and AI on processing and reservoir prediction such as the talks by Aina Bugge from Lundin and Arne Klepp Kvalheim from Earth Science Analytics.

You’ll find the program here

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